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Styling Your Up-do Hair
Fun bouffant style by Fay Doe

Styling Your Up-do Hair

Hair worn up used to be for formal occaissons or a simple ponytail for working out but not anymore.Up-do styling is commonly seen in everydaywear with the main change being that it can be worn as an "undone "do.

As attitudes have changed to workpace hair it is ok to have a half backcombed ponytail or   slicked back sides and bouffant or pompadour style on top.

The key to doing an up-do is in prepping the hair correctly,once this is achieved then the hair can be formed into a style.

It is best if the hair is washed a day prior to putting it up.Dry hair types should use A-list shampoo and A-List conditioner to give the hair moisture and flexibility and enable it to be put up easily.Finer hairtypes should use Big Scene shampoo and conditioner for body.A-List Mousse should be blowdried into the hair for body or Supporting Role on finer hair.

Take sections of hair and add The director Multi hold Hairspray on M and run your hands over it to dry it onto the hair,next use a curlig iron or heated rollers to make curls .Repeat until all hair is curled all over the head.

From here on it depends on the desired stlye but most up-dos  start with one or three ponytails  (a chignon for example begins with one ponytail in the nape or off to one side).The ponytails give you a base to pin to,so then take sections form them into curls and arrange by pinning around the ponytail using bobby pins.

For more bouffant styles the hair may be backcombed at the roots then sprayed with The Director on Light hold before being smoothed (sometimes over a pad)with a Mason and Peason type bristle brush and secured with bobby pins.Use The director on High hold to finish the style and add Silversreen lightly for extra shine.If there are flyaways that need taming use Glamour Hair Polish lightly .



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