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Beautiful long blonde hair by Fay Doe

Styling Your Long Hair

Long hair can be styled up or down ,curled, wavy or straight. Long hair requires more hydration due to the everyday  friction and wear and tear it undergoes.

Long hair should be shampooed using a moisturizing shampoo A-List with Argan oil helps to keep hair strong and flexible.Conditioner is needed to detangle and add hydration to dry ends A-List will help to smooth the hair and Red Carpet Treatment once a week with Jojoba oil will replicate the hairs natural sebum.A wide tooth comb should be used to detangle hair working upwards from the ends to the scalp.

After rinsing blot the hair dry with a towel and comb through the hair from ends to roots.Apply  A-List Serum to the mid-lengths and ends to nourish and smooth the hair.

Using a blowdrier on a medium heat and speed point it downwards to keep hair smooth an DO NOT OVERSTRETCH THE HAIR it is in its weakest state and easily broken so do not pull on it with any brushes at this point.

Once you hair is about 50% dry then you can begin to blowdry,think of it like building a house start the foundation at the bottom and build it up in sections to the top.Take each section of hair and run the brush through it to smooth the hair first, then roll the hair around the brush and get tension between the roots and the brush.

Hold in place and aim the air downwards from the blowdryer moving it back and forth along the brush(there is no need to keep moving the brush)once the hair is dry unravell and let the hair cool in place ,do not run your hands through each section until all blowdrying is finished.

After blowdrying extra shine or pieciness may be added by using Famous Wax Pomade or for just shine and to get rid of flyaways use Glamour Shine Polish.

If the hair is to be smoothed further with a flat iron add Silverscreen at arms length in short bursts to protect from thermal damage .

If the hair is to be curled use  The Director  Multi Hold Hairspray on medium hold and dry onto the hair by running hands through each section before curling for hold and thermal protection.



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