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Curly Hair

Curly Hair

Curly hair is never uniform in its curl pattern, anyone with curly hair knows this and how much the amount of humidity in the air affects how the hair curls or not.

Curly hair may be frizzy,corkscrew,loose curls or just wavy but all types have things in common.The outer cuticle of curly hair is more open than on straight hair which is why it loses moisture quickly.Curly hair seems to grow out rather than down which is actually only due to the amount if body in the hair which is why it seems to take forever to grow curly hair long.

Curly hair tangles and even dreads on itself(particularly in the nape) because the cuticle is more open and therefore a rougher surface.

Even the finest of curly hair needs lots of moisture to allow the hair to have flexibility and elasticity to get definition to keep curls looking great.If a curly haired person wants to wear their hair straight they still need a high moisture content for the hair to be smoothed.

Curly hair should hardly ever be brushed.Brushung will overstress the hair and cause breakage.A wide tooth comb may be used when the hair is wet after conditioning from the ends up to the roots too detengle the hair.Stand-In leave in detangler may be used it is especially good for childrens tangles.

Celebrities with curly hair;Debra Messing,Sara Jessica Parker,Rihanna,Beyonce and Howard Stern.

Recommended products

A-List shampoo and A-List conditioner work exceptionally well on curly hair as the Argan oil and botanicals smooth the hair and proteins and Amino acids strenghten it.A-list serum can be left in as a treatment.

For defined curls use Applause Bodifying Styling Cream

For wet looks and maximum control use Keygrip Firm Hold Shine Gel

Layer shine products Glamour Hair Polish ,Famous Wax Pomade and Silverscreen for extra shine.



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Styling Products

Applause Bodifying Styling Cream
Famous Pomeade Wax
Performer Smoothing Gel
Key Grip Firm Hold Shine Gel
Supporting Role Volumizer
Editor Styling Paste
Playwright Hair Former
Director Hair Spray
A-List Serum
A-List Volumizing Mousse 

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