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About Underground Culture

Hair. Art. Music. Performance.

Underground Culture is a movement that promotes creativity in every realm with the purpose of initiating young people into the exploration of their own creative talents and serves as an outlet for them.

Underground Culture is just that, a culture to set out to enhance and enrich lives by helping people to understand art, music and performance from a young age and encourage their participation in whatever form that they may take.

Underground Culture will become a movement to enhance society by giving purpose, pleasure and creative freedom to youth, thus enriching their individual lives and cultures.

Underground Culture will provide quality hair care products and, in doing so as a successful company, will enable donations to be made to local and national arts and music charities.

Creator and owner Fay Doe also owns Underground Hair Artists a top 200 Salon in America that supports many local charities in Santa Barbara, CA.

Underground Culture

Fay Doe - Founder

Fay Doe, Founder of Underground Culture

Fay Doe Santa Barbara Underground Hair Artists

Fay Doe was brought up in a low income housing estate in England. She is the youngest of 7 children and times were often tough with no money for bicycles, girl scouts or vacations growing up. Although money was tight, Fay’s parent’s always encouraged creativity, especially her Father who would paint on old canvases and wood. Fay’s brothers played guitar and her sister sang so there was always music in the house (band practice was often held in the family room!).

Fay believes that the current lack of arts and music programs in schools leads the less academic, athletic or fortunate youth to get into trouble and often drop out of school. Underground Culture was born from the belief that supporting and encouraging music, art and performance programs for kids helps keep them on track academically and greatly enhances their quality of life.



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